Future Mobile Prototype

The future mobile prototype is different from the other chosen artefact, but it is still in its concept stage. From the concept product, it looks like an Ipad-ish thing but it is able to do anything what is achievable through portable technology.


It is a semi-transparent tablet with a build-in camera, but anything capture by the camera is able to be analysed by the intelligence system of the mobile prototype. For example, a blog named Futurez on the Worldpress host has posted several animated images about the future mobile prototype, which is able to instantly tell you the geographical condition ofMt.Fujiif you are point the camera towards it; and it is also capable of instantly translate between languages while pointing the camera to a paragraph.

Does it sound familiar? A little bit similar to Iron Man’s mask, which gives you instant information about the object he is looking at, right?


If artificial intelligence was to make the computer think like human, the future mobile prototype would be able to bring the assessable computer functions to human being. No matter which one, they are all going to make our live easier.


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