Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI is a very complex computer programming system, but with a very comprehensive purpose, which is to make the computers as mostly human as possible. It is a combination of biological human intelligence and mechanical computer functions (McCathy, 2007).


The artefact has a great area of application, but the most advance technology of applying AI was to develop an artificial intelligent chatting robot. The recent news talked about a Japanese company has invented the world’s first talking-robot aiming to conserve with the English language students. The talking-robot has a combined system of high speed speech recognition technology and real-time conversation technology.


It is a great contribution to the world of education and communication as the company has developed “online robots that look and move like a human, speak aloud and with text-to-speech, its dialogue lines appear on the user’s computer screen”; and “most importantly, learners can speak into a microphone using Dragon Naturally Speaking, high-end speech recognition, considered the best speech recognition in the world’, said the company (


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