Virtual life

Virtual life is all about self-presentation in the virtual world, which would be the network. In the book of The Road Ahead, Bill Gates described the network as the “information highway” which revolute communications.


The real life can be harsh and difficult for everyone, and when people are not satisfied with their life, it is only very hard to change in a short period of time. This is why many people, especially the younger generations have chosen to step themselves into the virtual life, as an escape from the real world and to achieve self-satisfactory in another way.


The theme of virtual life was originated from the online games, which people can choose whatever characters they like and master the battlefield. Now, there is a program named Second Life, created by Linden Research, providing a platform for virtual daily life. From daily grocery shopping to theHollywooddream, everything can be achieved through this virtual world.


However, it is true to argue that virtual life is like hiding from the reality. However, there are researches indicate a well-balanced real-virtual life, along with the social capital mentioned previously are “related to indices of psychological well-being, such as self esteem and satisfaction with life” (Bargh and McKenna, 2004; Helliwell and Putnam, 2004).


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