Brain Cell Communication

The human brain is world’s most complex communication system in the world. Billions of brain cells are communicating at any given moment, and if a single part has encountered any “communication error”, it would lead to a serious condition such as Parkinson’s disease and brain disorder (ScienceDaily, 2010).


Although the brain cell communication was mainly studied for medical and biological purposes, it can be greatly applicable in the world of modern communication. The April issue of FHM magazine in 2010 published an article about the “age of naked brain”, which is about applying brain cell communication technology in personal communication; in other words, to read people’s mind.

“Our findings reveal fundamental properties of synapses that enable them to trigger the changes in neurons that underlie learning and memory,” says Karel Svoboda, a scientist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Such properties can be tracked by mapping the blood flow pattern in the brain to illustrate what people are thinking about. Currently theCarnegieMellonUniversityis working on collecting and processing the patterns using MRI.


So, people might be able to read what others are thinking about in the future. Is it pretty cool? Or is it really going to make you naked? Just wait and see.


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