3D Technology

The Three-Dimension (3D) technology was originated from a very simple process, which is “humans perceive three dimensions from two highly similar, overlaid images”, described by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838 (Sniderman 2011). However, the actual evolution of 3D technology was a long history, from viewing static images to 3D films and not the 3D television.


The 3D technology has simply made our visual world better. For some people, it might be enough to view some fantastic images, but the introduction of 3D technology has brought up it into another level. 3D vision is simply phenomenal.


Currently, the scientists are working on bring 3D technology into computers. “Objects can look smoother and more realistic and can scale depending on available bandwidth and processing capability,” explained Intel Labs’Chandler(http://www.leavcom.com/ieee_nov01.htm). 3D computer was not a brand new idea. However, with the more mature 3D technology we have now. The 3D computer display is not too far ahead.


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